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3 Key Rules to Stop Hating Presentations

“One idea lights a thousand candles.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson Your success at work depends greatly on your ability to convince others and present your ideas. This might be freakishly frustrating, especially if you have doubts you’ll ever make a good point in front of others. Have you ever worried...


5 Rules on How to Deal With and Learn From Conflicts

Once upon a time, a woman ignited an entire movement with the line: “I won’t move.” Her name was Rosa Parks and she openly confronted the horrible cultural norms of discrimination in society. She was one of the remarkable game-changers who disrupted the course of history and made us,...


Live longer: create your anti-stress habit

Today marks day 156 since I started walking my dog for an hour every morning. I feel awesome! Why? Because I created my anti-stress habit, I worry less, sleep better, and my productivity is higher than ever. I want to help you make your anti-stress habit and feel awesome. First...

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