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Jordan Parker

Notion Recurring Tasks (Recurring Templates)

Notion’s most requested feature finally dropped! Recurring Tasks 🤩 Here’s everything you need to know: (free template, how-to, examples) 🔸 The Notion Template If you’d rather explore on your own, this will make it easier: Recurring Tasks Template Don’t forget to share this — this will help everyone know!...

Jordan Parker

How to get a Notion API key (& How to create a Notion Integration)

Notion quickly became my favorite tool. As an engineer, I like tinkering with things, learning how they work, and making them work just the way I want them. Notion gives me that and more. If you’re serious about automating Notion (you should, why bother doing things when the computer...

Jordan Parker

Best way to get a Database ID in Notion (or a Page ID)

Notion is the hottest tool right now. No-code fans, productivity junkies, and project teams all have realized how fantastic Notion is. Being here, I imagine you’re one of those people. Before we get started with database (and page) IDs, I’m leaving a list of links here that might...

Jordan Parker

Precise Notion Progress Bars (Full Guide + Free Template)


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