The mission of the “Productivity” Foundation is to help people craft the best version of themselves. We believe education is the solution as well as building positive habits to flourish and grow as a person in today’s world. Our focus is on developing productivity systems, overcoming procrastination, and improved attention.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a world in which everyone is empowered to find fulfillment and purpose while crafting a brave and successful version of themselves.

And, yes, we think that together we can build that world!

Our Mission

The Internet has brought us significant new challenges as we train our brains to think differently in this wired world. Our minds now have to filter out an incredible influx of daily information and stimuli in order to maintain the focus, productivity, and regular communication necessary when building better lives.

The effectiveness of productive efforts requires а proper approach or strategy.  If you’re to become crazy productive, you are in the right place! 

The “Productivity” Foundation aims to teach you the new behaviors to stick because we know that most of what people do is a habit. If you are to craft the best version of yourself, you’ll put a little time in building those excellent habits daily.

But building habits is hard work. Changing your own behaviour is difficult and most people don’t even know where to start.

That’s where we come in! Our goal is to help you do just that.

Тo this end, the “Productivity” Foundation will support you to learn to understand yourself, be smarter than procrastination, and disconnect from distractions. 

For society to prosper, you must prosper. Yes, you and every other reader we have.

To stimulate progress, we need to focus on improving people – knowledge, understanding, skills; increasing job satisfaction, energy levels, and reducing stress. All that and more should be possible, and accessible to everyone. We aim to provide the model of how it works and providing a favourable infrastructure for development.

In this sense, it is essential to note that the productivity of people affects the well-being of society. But that’s not all there is to it.

Productivity affects our resources as well. The smarter we are about the work we do, the less of our planet’s exhaustible resources we consume.

To preserve the environment and continue to realize its benefits, we need to reduce what we use and rethink what we’re using. So here we will talk about the productivity not only for bettering humanity but for saving resources and consequentially — our world.

And yes, you can help! Be better, work smarter, or even volunteer to help teach others.

What We Do

We carry out the mission to help everyone who needs to overcome procrastination and be more productive through a variety of activities. Among them are:

Online educational platform

Here we share educational and motivating content covering everything from best practices for improving self-discipline to understanding how to create positive habits, and how to find and maintain motivation while recognising the warning signs of procrastination.

Productivity Bootcamp

The online course is 100% free and contributes to the fulfillment of our mission. Sharing our experience, we help others with useful information about productivity and good habits to achieve the set goals.

Organising and participating in events

It is our way to share our experience and connect live with people who want to be more productive, but do not know how to start. They need to receive support and personal attitude, in addition to knowledge and experience, and we strive to provide it to them.

Building community

Our fast-growing productivity lifestyle community consists of global creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries whose work requires them to think outside boundaries but also demands a level of focus and commitment that, in a world of distractions, can be difficult.