You should be perfect. In everything you do. That’s what you really want. At least most people think so.

But is it?

Having it all means there’s nothing interesting happening, there’s no room to grow and no new things to explore. Perfection is boring.

Here’s a prime example from my own life. This is the second video I made. You can see it’s not great. The audio is scuffed and there are so many things to want.

But I played with it, learned a ton, and published it. That is what you do.

Keep it Simple, Stupid

“Keep it simple, stupid” or KISS are words to live by. Stay away from perfection and keep things simple and effective. Simple as that!

This is profound because it focuses on something seemingly simple — simplicity. The irony.

Anyone can create a complicated solution to a problem. Some will even create a working complicated solution. But only the ones who achieve genuine mastery will be able to create a simple one.

Only the ones who achieve genuine mastery will be able to create a simple solution.

Extracting the essence of something and discarding the meaningless bits requires you to know that thing inside-out. Few people go that far.

The real question is not why keeping things simple is good; it’s can overcomplicating things ever be good?


Never Productive Don't Overcomplicate Things
Captain America: Civil War (Early Footage)

Usually, you don’t want complications. Usually, you don’t want difficult & complicated things. That’s true and that’s smart.

But there’s one specific activity, that takes that and turns it upside down — play (yes, I know it’s in the heading, but it’s more dramatic this way… okay?)

Play is a special kind of activity. It’s quite similar to work, actually — it has rules, goals, and unexpected things happening. But play has one very important difference.

Play is optional.

Work is not.

The autonomy you have to if and when to play makes all the difference. It makes you want to do it. It makes it entertaining.

Here’s why this is important:

Overcomplicated Games

Easy games are great. Hard games are great. Games are great.

They can also be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Games require you to learn. If you channel that in the right direction — you can learn in an entertaining way.

Got a new piece of tech that you don’t quite get?

Play with it.

Are you learning a new skill?

Play with it.

Do you have an excellent idea in your head?

Play with it.

Play with things allows you to explore them. It gives you the perfect playground for you to try things and learn.

Play allows you to explore, try things, and learn.

Now, making that complicated isn’t as bad, is it?

Complicating play can give you an even more intricate toy and a more difficult problem to solve. You’ll be able to learn more and keep things even more entertaining.

That’s why the first videos I’m making aren’t just simple edits — no, they’re using special effects, have teleportation, and overall a high amount of craziness.

Playing with that is both extremely fun and teaches me a lot more about video making compared to just making the barebones video.

So, find a fun way to play with whatever you want to master. You will find yourself spending way more time on it and having way more fun.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things… Unless it’s Fun

There are two things to remember from here:

  • Keep your work simple. The simpler you can make it, the better.
  • Keep your play complicated. The more complicated your play is, the more you’ll learn from it!

That’s the whole thing. Thanks for reading!

Stay Awesome,

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