This is not a typical post. Instead, this is a call to action for you — a call to action to try something new, something exciting, something a little scary.

If you want the short version — watch the video below. Otherwise, read the story that inspired this below:

The Story of the Drill & the Incompetent Engineer

So, I’m an engineer. Not a real one — I just write software. I’ve been doing so for the last 12 years.

Ironically, when it comes to real engineering or even supposedly easier tasks involving power tools — I have zero experience.

That’s what makes this story so meaningful to me. Here goes:

The first time I set up my studio — I used a photography screen for the background. It was light, small, and easy to put in place. It made sense.

But, it blocked the window.

That was not a big deal until summer came. I started melting in the studio. I spent 8 hours a day there, and I couldn’t put an AC in the room due to the way it’s shaped. I did my best going to the living room with the cranked AC. It sucked.

All that being said, I was still scared of using power tools — it looked too complicated. It took me 2 full weeks of this hell to finally gather the courage.

And then I did.

I failed. The screws were too loose, the thing was wonky, and I was afraid to leave it as is.

I started over. Then again. And again.

Finally, after 11 hours of trial and error — the new background was set up. It had a lovely curtain to block the light and blinds to make the shot look pretty (& have guiding lines to highlight the talking head in the video).

Someone better at this would’ve needed one hour, maybe two, to set all that up.

So why did I bother?

To conquer fear. Be better. And live an epic life.

Your Turn to Try Something New

Doing scary stuff is the only way for you to grow as a person.

You need to do scary stuff. You need to challenge yourself.

To help with that, I challenge you — do something scary this weekend.

Challenge: Do something scary this weekend.

And tell me how it went!

Thanks for reading & stay awesome,

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