I don’t even need to tell you that open space offices have been a boon to effective communication. We both know they’re fantastic, so why is it so darn tricky to focus in one?

I’ll start with the basics. Why is focus or even deep focus so important?

In his excellent book Deep Work, Cal Newport explains the monumental difference between a focused mind and a distracted mind. Long story short, the focused mind is the race car; the distracted mind is a 35-year old sedan with no engine.

Deep focus/work is the same thing on steroids:

Ok, so, Enough intro, let’s dig in the meat of this post – the awesome infographic. Enjoy!

13 ways to be More Productive in Your Busy Office

13 ways to be More Productive in Your Busy Office

Want this office productivity infographic on your website?

<p><a href='https://neverproductive.com/productive-office-infographic/'><img src="https://neverproductive.com/content/images/2019/07/13-ways-infographic.png" alt='13 ways to be More Productive in Your Busy Office' width='700px' border='0' /></a><br /><br /><strong>Infographic from the <a href="https://neverproductive.com">Never Productive</a> blog!</strong></p>


That’s it. Quite a few ideas, most of which you can find described in detail in this very blog.

As always, feel free to use the comment section for questions and comments (duh).


Go crush that office productivity!

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